With the spring season comes also the spirit of joy and emotion that is shared by people everywhere, a time of year that is presented to impart in good sharing. Many hearts, therefore, feel inspired, when they attend the renewal of life in gratitude to Jesus Christ.

For security reasons we are covering the faces of all the children since we have found unscrupulous visitors who try to use the photos of the children with bad purpose. God is first and there is one who messes with one of his children. Remember, we work for God and we are under his protection.

" We are always planning and carrying out fundraising events for children and young people participating in the Children of Love Foundation.
If you would like to contribute to the good weather of this children and young people, please contact the telephone numbers in this announcement. God bless you!

407-273-0753 & 407-776-8806


Welcome to the great family of Children of Love, which is your family too. We are very grateful that you are here on our page, we invite you to collaborate with us a donation the amount you want. Here on each page at the top is our Pay Pal button. Thank you for helping us to have a better quality of life and be good men and women of tomorrow.


These are some of the already flowering plants grown by children



Orlando, Florida Saturday Program topic's  

We provide school uniforms


We provide school uniforms for each student from pre-kindergarten to high school and college. Here you can see where your donations go, we are faithful in using each donation and it is destined with integrity to provide everything that these children and young people need. So we will make good men and women

of tomorrow.


February, 2019




OPERACIÓN barefoot 

Child operation descalso
In 2018, the collection of 602 pairs of shoes was carried out and sent to the Children of Love Foundation in Honduras.
Thanks to your donations, both physical and monetary, we were able to send to Honduras.




of love

 Saturday, March 2, 2019 part of the youth of the Orlando Florida program here receiving Christian counseling and doing their community work successfully. These young people coupled with the program of the Children of Love Foundation show their change every time and improve their future. We are proud of them.