How is Children of Love foundation involved in Honduras

In Honduras, we started since 1993 , registered in the United States in 1999 have graduated 66 young people have hosted more than 600 who have lived there, Teachers, Bookeepers nurses, computer technicians, mechanics, chefs and others. Spiritual education and education in schools are our goals.      
Our building and little prayer house, our children in La Paz, Honduras, with inmates receiving spiritual food and natural food.      
We have 5 employees, the Administrator Lic. Marthasara Isaguirre and its Founder and Director Doris Patalano.      We have Youth serving in Compassion Group that we feed the sick, visit prisons and families in need.      
To see a child, adult or anyone happy is our wish.      
Make them feel that besides GOD, someone else loves them, it is primordial. Thank you for so much love, thank you for your prayers and thank you for your help, we need it.

How is Children of Love foundation involved in Central Florida

Children of Love  Foundation is concerned locally with youth who have become disoriented to the degree that they have become involved in the juvenile justice system.  They have challenged and troubled home lives.  The youth participate and are guided through structured physical activities and group projects weekly.

These include Bible study, guidance and counseling, Community service activities at local nursing homes and senior citizen facilities are requirement.


(Left) Children in Honduras ready to go to school.

(Right) Children feeding and teaching the Gospel in La Paz, Honduras.

Our Saturday Program in Orlando is great for kids.

     Empezamos desde 1993 en Honduras, se registro en estados unidos en 1999  se han graduado 66 jóvenes hemos albergado mas de 600 que han vivido allí, Maestros, enfermeras Bookeepers, técnicos en computación, mecánicos, chefs  y otros. La educación espiritual y la educación en los colegios son nuestras metas.

     Nuestro edificio y casita de oración, nuestros niños en La Paz, Honduras, con internos recibiendo comida espiritual y comida natural.

     Contamos con 5 empleados, la Administradora Lic.  Marthasara Isaguirre y su Fundadora y Directora Doris Patalano.

     Tenemos Jóvenes sirviendo en Grupo compasión que le damos de comer al enfermo, visitamos cárceles  y familias con necesidad.

     Ver feliz a un niño, adulto o cualquier persona, es nuestro deseo.   

     Hacerles sentir que  además de DIOS, alguien mas los ama, es primordial.  Gracias por tanto amor, gracias por sus Oraciones y gracias por su ayuda, la necesitamos.