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David is 17 years old.  David left his family to attend the school in La Paz, Honduras.  He was going to school full time and living on the streets during the night. 

David found out about the Children of Love Foundation and stopped by to speak with Mama Doris about staying with the other children to further his education.  Mama was very impressed by David because he promised her to do his best in school and give back to the foundation through work and teaching the younger children.  Mama took David in and taught him the love of God and how to have faith and put your trust in Jesus.  

David has been an honor student and will graduate next year to become a teacher.  David’s dreams are to continue his education at the University of Comayagua and earn his Masters degree in psychology.  He plans on attending the university during the day and teaching the children at the foundation during the night.  

With your donation of only $200 a year or $17 a month, David will be able to attain his dreams.

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